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Jamie Grundy

“For me the essence of Inside Out Support Wales is to help you re-write your future and not be held back by a previous conviction.”

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Jamie Grundy

Jamie Grundy is an independent researcher, trainer and author with combined experience and expertise in the fields of criminal justice, higher education and community development. He has a varied background ranging from being a football coach with Manchester United through to setting up programmes to take serving prisoners into university to study degree programmes. In between he has extensive experience of the community sector, working across South Wales and South West England on different anti-poverty, health living and social enterprise programmes.

In between it all he wrote a book on the only prisoner football team in Wales called 90 Minutes of Freedom. This accumulation of skills and eclectic experience are especially useful for supporting both the practical work and strategic direction of Inside Out Support Wales. The chances are if Jamie doesn’t know the answer, he knows someone who will.  

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